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At Home Facial Taught By Tata Harper

At Home Facial Taught By Tata Harper

A couple of months ago I was able to meet the creator of one of my all time favorite skin care lines Tata Harper AND I had the privilege of being able to sit in on her Master Class held at Credo Beauty (San Francisco).  I was super excited to get schooled on her brand and overall just learn new techniques, tips, and tricks to better my skin care regimen.

Tata Harper skincare is a luxurious 100% natural & Non- Toxic line that includes makeup containing quality and safe ingredients. Tata and her team seek out the best and most effective natural ingredients all over the world and some of these ingredients are produced and manufactured right at her farm in Vermont! She was inspired to create her own skincare line after helping her stepfather who was diagnosed with cancer,  change his lifestyle. She became more aware of products she was putting onto her body and realized that it was difficult to find natural products in the market that offered safe and effective results.

Now let's get started! Listed below is the step by step at home facial Tata taught us how to do & treats herself to at least once a week:

1. Nourishing Oil Cleanser (All skin types)- Make up remover/Softening face wash

*Use damp facial sponge or soft towel to remove

2. Purifying Cleanser (All skin types)- Pore minimizing daily wash that's great for pollution congested skin

*Rinse off with lukewarm water then pat dry

3. Regenerating Cleanser (Dry/Oily/Combination skin type)- Use as a daily exfoliating and clarifying treatment. Do upward circular motions with your fingertips until the product leaves a white residue and do not wash off for this particular facial!

4. Resurfacing Mask (All skin types)- Works as a natural face peel for that instant glow! Layer this mask over top of the regenerating cleanser.

5. Purifying Mask (All skin types)- Deep cleansing treatment that you apply in the T- zone and wherever you need that extra deep cleaning (large pores).

*Let all of this sit and do its magic for about 30 minutes then use a hot towel/warm water to rinse it all off

6. Hydrating Floral Essence (All skin types)- Moisture boosting toner that you mist all over your face and down to your chest

7. Concentrated Brightening Essence (All skin types)- Pour onto a cotton round or into your palms and swipe/pat all over your face as a booster for further illuminating, toning, and correcting

8. Rejuvenating Serum (All skin types)- Comprehensive age- defying treatment

9. Boosted Contouring Serum (All skin types)- Great for sagging skin. Helps to firm and lift.

10. Concentrated Brightening Serum (All skin types)- Illuminating and tone correcting treatment

11. Elixir Vitae (All skin types)- The ultimate wrinkle solution

*Next is finally the moisturizer! I was able to pick the one that I felt best fit my skin type

12. Rebuilding Moisturizer (Oily/Combination skin type)- Mattifying moisturizer

*Moving onto Eye Care

13. Restorative Eye Creme (All skin types)- Age- defying eye treatment that helps to plump moisture around the "cushioning" around your eyes

14. Elixir Vitae Eye Serum (All skin types)- Targeted smoothing eye treatment

15. Boosted Contouring Eye Mask (All skin types)- Treatmentfor a lifted look that can be worn alone or over top of the eye treatments listed above

*Last but not least, a face oil

16. Replenishing Nutrient Complex (All skin types)- A multivitamin face oil that layers over top EVERYTHING to seal all the goodness in!

*Always remember that treatments are applied before serums, then moisturizer/cream, & last comes the oils

Yes, yes I know this is a whole lotta steps and a whole lotta stuff being put onto your face but keep in mind that this is a FACIAL that can be done once a week or once a month...you decide! Just know I left this Master Class glowing for the Gods (pictured below) and way more knowledgeable about how to care for my skin using safe, healthy, non- toxic ingredients.

P.S. Please stay tuned for my future blog posts sharing my favorite Tata Harper products and don't forget to comment/tag/tweet me any questions + your Tata Harper favorites<3



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