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Fully Raw

Fully Raw

I used to use this body butter twice a day every day until I completely ran out!  All thanks to my boyfriend’s Mom, she introduced this #FullyRaw Rose Cacao organic skin & body butter to me last summer of 2015. During that time I was really struggling with the most severe eczema to date, and this product was definitely my #holygRHEAl. The uses for this product are endless AND edible! I use this product head to toe right out of the shower and I like to use this product for my under eye. I like to melt the product in between my fingers before applying for the most smooth application. This stuff absorbs pretty quickly into the skin and it smells like chocolate!


  • Massage and Body Oil

  • Revive Under Eyes

  • Eczema Remedy

  • Scalp Oil Treatment

  • Aromatic Deodorant

  • Moisturizing Hand Cream

  • Skin Softener

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Stretch Mark Support

  • Sun Tan Oil

  • Lip Balm

  • Hair Shine