Hi, friends. I'm Rhea-Allyson, 
makeup and skin care enthusiast.

I decided to start this blog to inspire people to start their toxic-free skin care journey and to share some of my favorite cosmetics, tips, and tricks. I started this clean skin obsession in 2015 when my skin started changing on me. My eczema was getting worse and I started to get so much texture and dry patches all over my face. I have combo-oily skin and, it was a struggle to find the right products to help control my sebum production. Ever since I can remember, I've always used conventional drugstore brands such as Cetaphil, Aveeno, Dove, Secret,Vaseline...the list goes on. Nothing was working for me and I wanted products that would heal my skin over time and not just give me a temporary fix. So I took it upon myself to start researching other products to help my skin concerns which lead me to many informative blogs.

I was shocked to find out the ugly truth behind what’s actually in our everyday toiletries. After seeing the most healthiest difference in my natural appearance from switching out my conventional products to organic/natural ones, I vowed to be mindful, cautious and aware of ingredients now that I know everything is ingested through my pores and what I consume. I believe that flawless makeup application begins with a clean canvas aka your skin! By using non-toxic ingredients, you’ll be able to reveal layers of great skin - and you won’t have to rely on makeup to cover up any impurities.

I'm aware that a handful of my cosmetics aren't toxic-free therefore I wear them on occasion. My lifestyle is not completely organic/natural nor do I plan for it to be, but I don't see this journey ending. My cuRheosity always leads me to discovering gems and I just want to share my inteRheasts with the world. My goal is to inspire and motivate others to be mindful, cautious, and aware.